GUI 8i Install

You're all keen to install 8i on a remote machine and suddenly you realise that the good old character mode installer is gone. This is what is called "progress" by our friends at Oracle :-)

A solution is at hand. VNC (Virtual Network Computer) software can be downloaded from This is a "freeware" (GNU license) tool that is great for installing 8i on remote Unix or NT nodes.

The key files that you'll be interested in are:

vncserver - a shell script that starts the Xvnc server
vncviewer - the viewer executable which you launch from a client PC/Workstation

For Unix people, it works in a similar fashion to an X server. If you're a PC person, think "Carbon Copy" or "PC-Anywhere". But the thing that makes this tool so good, is that it is "stateless". That is, you can start a graphical Oracle install, disconnect from the VNC server and your install process will continue on regardless. Log on later (even from a different machine) and you can check how your installation went.