for Windows 2000

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I don't know if this just affected me or is a general problem, but I had "327" attempts at downloading for Windows 2000 from Metalink, and every time, WinZip v8 simply refused to extract the appropriate files. (CRC errors and the like being reported).

However, I then took the downloaded file and transferred it to a Solaris box and ran the 'unzip' command. The zip file (which according to WinZip was corrupt), unzipped with no problems at all!

So if you do encounter a problem with download/extraction, possibly have a look at extracting the files on a Unix box instead.


Thanks for Roy Beatty for this additional information

Winzip cannot hangle files > 2gb due to the original zip standards, perhaps explaining why your download / expansion worked in Unix and not under Win2k. I've appended an old email on the subject from WinZip support.

The Windows version of the Unix utility gzip (or gunzip) handles files far larger than 2GB. I downloaded this command-line utility from

Also, you can get a small footprint Win32 version of the most common Unix utilities here: