Oracle World Day 4

Final day today...lsat night was the "appreciation" night (a polite way of saying conference booze-up). Basically 10,000 people descend onto one of the piers and a few bands play (one of them being Violent Femmes - didn't know they were still alive!).

Anyway, day 4 started with a look at the retirement of the rule based optimizer in v10. Basically, all they've done is removed the RULE hint from being valid - yet to actually test that one - but the rule optimizer is still in there. Either way, RULE has always been a noose around most application's necks.

Next was a session discussing a 16-node RAC on Linux case study. It was done in Boston running on about 7 terabyte of disk. Some interesting details there, but (no surprises here), the key things in the project were using a clustered file system to ensure reasonable manageability, and having very very fast interconnects.

Next was a presentation by Precise (now Veritas) chief Oracle scientist Anjo Kolk, who manages the website. They've analyzed some 200,000 statspack reports to come up with some generalisations on Oracle performance. Nice to see so many people making the same mistakes :-)

Finished the day doing what everyone does - running around the exhibition booth trying to pick up free junk, but not much luck. In years gone by vendors would be throwing the stuff at you, but I suppose economics have changed

Overall, a good conference, but Oracle still need to work on getting a higher level of technical content as opposed to marketing. After all, its predominantly geeky people like us that attend.