Oracle World Day 2

A very entertaining evening last night - caught up with several Oracle people, Tom Kyte of AskTom fame, Mark Williams from server technologies group, James Morle the RAC expert - good drinking and geeky discussion had by all!

This morning commenced with a presentation by Graham Wood on the new AWR and ADDM facilities in version 10, along with how they interact with Enterprise Manager. Looks very nice, and its touted that you wont need to install full blown App Server to run most of the EM functionality in 10G should this could be more accessible.

Larry Ellison's talk was not as good as previous years - as some people say - he's either on or he's off on any given day. He hyped up the grid environment but alot of what was promised is still very much vapourware.

Rounded the day off with a session on handling mixed workloads on RAC - a little disappointing - too much marketing speak, not enough content.

Tonight is an informal get-together for the Oracle-L list server group so it will good to get some more inside information on what people are doing with v9 and v10