Oracle World Day 1

A good opening day at OracleWorld. On a personal note, my 9i hidden features presentation went well with the hall being pretty much filled to capacity (of around 800 or so).

Lunch at the Marriot was top notch - how they managed to pack several thousand into the function centre remains an mystery to me, but it was a very impressive effort.

The afternoon sessions - HTML DB looks very cool. I initially thought it would just be another WebDB, and whilst, the underlying architecture is predominantly the same (ie Apache with mod_plsql), the functionality is significantly improved and looks like it could be a very useful tool for "whipping up" small scale web-based applications

The SQL model clause was introduced in the 4pm session, which in effect allows you to build Excel-like calculation functions (eg sum across rows and columns) in a resultset. Very impressive ... and also breathtakingly unreadable SQL!

I'm off to the welcoming drinks now - so any updates from this point on will be pure gibberish :-)