(left in blue) Walt Weaver, Anjo Kolk in white behind him, Connor McDonald (far right in blue), Gary Goodman (hotsos) behind him in black

Half of Don Burleson (far left), Tom Kyte (left), Dave Ensor (middle), Connor McDonald (right) sample the delights at the Aqua restaurant, courtesy of BMC SmartDBA challenge prize

Connor teaching Tom Kyte some stuff about Oracle :-)

OakTable members, Connor (left) John Beresniewicz (middle), Mogens Nørgaard (right)

Mogens tries to sneak in a "power nap" at the restaurant

Connor with OakTable member Pete Sharman

Kirti (left in white shirt), Ton Kyte (leaning forward), Ari Kaplan (very very back), Mogens (on the right with glasses leaning forward), Cary Millsap (next to Mogens facing away), Don Granaman (leaning back), Sean Dillon (right in black)

More fatcity boozers

Robert Freeman (right in red), Marlene Theriault next to him, , Gaja, John and Kirti in there as well

My Office at work :-)

Larry Ellison, post America's Cup drubbing by the kiwis